Cid Freitag (DoIT Academic Technology) school website | Twitter

Brianna Marshall (UW Libraries) school website | personal website | Twitter

Dorothea Salo (Library and Information Studies) school website | personal website

Laura Schmidt (Library and Information Studies) Twitter

Jonathan Senchyne (Library and Information Studies) school website | personal website | Twitter

Deidre Stuffer (English) personal website | Twitter

Mark Vareschi (English) school website | personal website | Twitter

Heather Wacha (Library and Information Sciences, CLIR Postdoc) personal website | Twitter


Eric Alexander (Computer Science) school website | Twitter

Joshua Armstrong (French and Italian) school website

Mattie Burkert (English) school website | personal website | Twitter

Catherine DeRose (English) school website | personal website | Twitter

Brandee Easter (English) school website | Twitter

Molly Wright Steenson (Journalism and Mass Communication) school website | personal website | Twitter

Jesse Stommel (Liberal Studies & the Arts) school website | personal website | Twitter

Danielle Albers Szafir (Computer Science) school website | Twitter

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