About Us

DHRN F2015 logoThe Digital Humanities Research Network is one of the 2015-16 Borghesi-Mellon Workshops being offered through the Center for the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with support from Nancy and David Borghesi and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The group aims to create a centralized digital humanities community on the UW-Madison campus. In our meetings, we focus on the processes involved in digitizing, quantifying, and visualizing different types of humanities objects turned data (including printed books, manuscripts, historical records, art, music, films). In addition to opening up new research questions, the group provides an opportunity for a sustained conversation about the computational and analytical aspects of the digital humanities. We consider the current theories underlying digital methodologies and also discuss, brainstorm, and workshop specific projects at various stages.

Our theme for 2014-15 was “Going Public,” which allowed us to explore a variety of questions around the public digital humanities and the wider role of digital technologies in public scholarship. Our theme for 2015-16 is “Sustaining Digital Humanities,” which we hope will structure an ongoing conversation about ways to maintain a vibrant DH community on the UW-Madison campus.

If you are interested in joining the group, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings! You can also send a message to Mattie (below) to join our email list.

Group Contacts: Brianna Marshall and Jonathan Senchyne

Website administrator: Deidre Stuffer

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  1. Hello Mattie, Cathy and Eric,
    I am interested in attending your meetings to get involved with this project. I took Prof. Michael Witmore and want to get back to using digital tools to work with texts and want to be a part of making this workshop happen. Please let me know.

    Best wishes,



    1. Hi Ambar! We would be very happy to have you join DHRN for our meetings this year. They are currently scheduled for every other Tuesday, 4-6 p.m., beginning September 8. We’ll add you to the group listserv as well, so stay posted for more details!


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